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My name is Simon Huba Botond and I am a 37 years old man living in Romania, not so far from the castle of the famous Dracula. I collect bank notes (preferably UNC’s) from all over the world, however, older issues I accept in VF or VG shape too.

I collect bank notes since I was a kid, so right now my collection has 1.500 notes from 177 countries and territories. Since last year I started to collect coins too, as long as I received many nice and interesting coins, especially from India, which I like a lot. Till now, I also have a small coin collection of 939 pieces from 124 countries.

I made this site just for fun. All the items shown here belongs to my collection. Feel free to copy or download any picture you just want, I don’t mind. It’s only for viewing pleasure.

I also attached here the list of my trading partners. These people are really good traders, trustworthy and I highly recommend them to anyone who’d like to enlarge his collection. Some of them also have their own web site, so you can easily access them from this site.

Unfortunately there are some cheaters too I came across, please, try to avoid them. Their name can be found on many different black lists all over the world. I personally had some bad experiences with them.

If you want to swap with me, feel free to let me know. I swap usually on catalogue basis (I have the latest edition of the World Paper Money Catalog, edition 2010). Regarding the coins, I usually trade them on 1:1 basis, unless they are not more expensive.

Well, this would be all for now.

Feel free to surf my site and enjoy yourself.



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Rus Vasile's personal web site

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